A. The accepted wheat must meet certain standards, such as moisture content, bulk density and impurities must meet the requirements of the corresponding grade of raw grain.
B. The preliminary cleaning remove the large impurities, bricks, stones, ropes in wheat.
C. Raw wheat cleaning removes large impurities (wheat straw, mud), small impurities, lime soil, sand, etc.
D. Air screening removes the dust and chaff of wheat.
E. Magnetic separation removes magnetic metal impurities from wheat.
F. The raw grain will be put into the raw wheat silo after preliminary cleaning.

Meet the following standard after cleaning:
(1) Remove 1% of the large impurities, 0.5% of small impurities and lime soil.
(2) Remove 0.005% of the magnetic metal impurities in the raw grain.
(4) Remove 0.1% of the light impurities by air screening equipment.
(3) The wheat will be lifted and stored in the raw wheat silo.
(4) The moisture content should be controlled below 12.5%, and the raw grain should be inspected regularly to ensure the quality.

Post time: Oct-28-2022