The high-square sifter in the flour milling must be started in a completely static state, otherwise, it will cause a resonance phenomenon of a large radius, resulting in damage;
During operation, the sieve body should be stable, free of vibration and various abnormal noises;
The height of the high-screen sieve legs should be moderate and should not be broken;
Check the quantity and quality of materials at each outlet to investigate the unevenness of incoming materials, unsmooth sifting, excessive sieving, leakage of screens, and blockage of materials;
When the screen road is blocked, the road should be cut off first, and the outlet should be dredged. It is strictly forbidden to hit the screen box. When the blockage is serious, it should be shut down;
When the sieving is not clean, the cause should be found and treated in time;
The flat screener should check the powder points at each time, and the interval should not be longer than two hours, make a record; the unqualified flour should be returned to the same other sieves in the system for re-screening.

Post time: Jun-06-2022