1. When disassembling and arranging the sieve, it should be handled gently and placed in order.
2.After removing the High-square screen, check the fluff on the screen box and screen door. If the interface is not strict, the screen should be carefully repaired.
3. When cleaning the screen, do not drop the sieve. The brush is mainly used. The wire mesh can be cleaned with a copper wire brush.
4, the screen has fluff, small pieces of hard injury should be carefully repaired, but the repaired area should not exceed 10%
5, replace the screen, the glue stuck on the screen frame should be scraped clean, the screen should be tight
6. When installing the sieve, it should be sent to a certain position and then placed on the lower sieve. Do not fall on the lower sieve and push it in again to avoid squeezing the flannel.
7. Each time the screen is changed, the replacement date and operator should be recorded.
8, special tools for disassembly and assembly of high square screen
9. The bearings of the high square screen should be inspected regularly. The lubricating oil should be replenished once a month. The central large bearing should be replaced with oil at least twice a year.
10. Check the firmness of the high-screen sieve rack at least once a month. If the bolts are loose or broken, and the weld seam is cracked, repair it in time.
11. Whether the wire rope hanging from the flat screen is broken or corroded, when the broken wire exceeds 5%-8% of the total wire, it should be replaced in time.
12. After running for a period of time, the flat screen body should be re-measured with a level meter.

Post time: Jun-20-2022