In the grain flour mill plant, The threshed grain will mix some stone, sand, small pebbles, plant seed or leaves, insect waste, etc. These impurities will reduce the quality of the flour and they may also cause a focal point for potential infestation during storage. The simplest cleaning method is called winnowing, but this cleaning method can t eliminate the heavier impurities, such as stone, gravel etc.

It is a high effective grain destoner for separating stones and heavy impurities from grain, wheat, soybean, corn, rape seed, and sesame in the grain flour mill plant and feeding processing industry. Since the grain and various sizes of stone have diffracted specific gravity and suspended velocity, so the destoner can separate the grain and stone automatically by air pressure and amplitude.

Destoner machine is used to remove heavier contaminants or debris from a product stream or flow. Generally, it removes a small percentage from the flow, but it can be large items including stones, glass, metals, or other heavy items. Using a fluidized bed of air and a vibrating deck to move the heavier materials uphill is what the machine does to separate the products into light and heavy materials. In the conditioning process, the destoner can be installed ahead of a gravity separator or behind it.

This machine will allow to have a better quality product in a shorter amount of time. On top of that, you will have the ability to produce better quality products and unbeatable end results.

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Post time: May-07-2022