1. The wheat discharge accurately measures the flow of the wheat out of the warehouse, and measures the wheat blending for different varieties of wheat according to the demand.
2. Screening to remove large impurities (foreign grains, mud lumps) and small impurities (lime soil, broken seeds);
3. Air separation removes light impurities, mainly wheat straw, lime soil, wheat wool, etc.
4. The first is to remove the heavy impurities, mainly stones, shoulder stones, mud blocks, glass, cinders, etc.
5. The iron metal impurities mixed in the wheat are removed in the magnetic separation process.
6. Wheat surface, wheat wool and ventral furrow are treated by wheat scourer.
7. The second screening process deals with the wheat wool, dust and broken wheat cleaned by the wheat scourer
8. Automatic watering control: the computer automatic control system is used to conduct quantitative warehousing conditioning of wheat with primary watering and secondary watering.

Post time: Nov-01-2022