What equipment does a 60-ton flour mill include?

A 60-ton flour mill usually includes the following main equipment and facilities:
1. Cleaning equipment: used to clean raw wheat, including cleaning machines and stone removal machines. This equipment can help remove impurities and weeds on the surface of wheat and ensure the quality of wheat.
2. Milling equipment: mainly including mills, sifting machines, etc., used to grind washed wheat into flour. This equipment can finely grind flour according to different uses to ensure the quality of flour.
3. Flour screening equipment: including flour screening machines, air separators, etc., used to screen the ground flour to remove impurities and make the flour quality more pure.
4. Drying equipment: used to dry flour to ensure the quality and shelf life of flour.
5. Packaging equipment: used to package flour into small or large bags for convenient transportation and sales.
advantage: High degree of automation, high production efficiency, saving labor costs. It is fully equipped and can meet the production needs of 60 tons of flour. Strict quality control ensures the quality of flour. Packaging equipment ensures product hygiene and safety. Of course, the equipment and advantages of a 60-ton flour mill also depend on the specific manufacturer and production process.

Post time: Feb-26-2024