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With years of hands-on experience, we developed the ZSK-3000 type automatic dampening system with PLC system, user-friendly interface, and high precision measuring sensors. This PLC grain dampening machine is designed for the moisture detection and control of different grains such as wheat, rice, brown rice, corn, some kings of soya bean, and soya bean meal on the processing line by microwave technology. This system can measure the grain moisture in three ways: front channel detection, back channel detection and front-back channel detection.

The expected water addition can be set initially on the control panel of the automatic dampening system. The original grain moisture data is detected by a sensor and sent to the computer who can calculate the water flow intelligently. Then the control valve will be controlled by the computer to adjust the water flow.

When front-back detection method is adopted, a reactive circuit will be formed and the computer will recheck the moisture of the dampened grain and get the water valve re-adjusted to double ensure the exact water adding volume.

1. The advanced microwave moisture measurement technology of the automatic dampening system can get the exact data by eliminating the error caused by temperature fluctuation and density variation of the grain.
2. A precise weighing sensor is adopted in this digital wheat dampener for the continuous grain flow.
3. The accurate electrical water meter, linearity water control valve and heatproof solenoid valve in our automatic dampening system can ensure the accurate water adding.
4. The industrial PLC hardware can work on adverse conditions and is easy for upgrading and extending.
5. A 485 communication interface is adopted for remote control of our high precision grain dampener.
6. The PTC water heating system is optional. It can be used for cold area to shorten the dampening time.
7. The antirust and food class water piping used in the automatic dampening system meets the related sanitation requirements.
8. Special program is designed for bottom wheat moisture control, so that the wheat won’t block the outlet when being discharged from flour mill wheat bin.

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