Product Description

This high performance vibro separator, also named vibration screen, together with the aspiration channel or recycling aspiration system is widely used in flour mills and silos. Thus far, this kind of grain separating equipment has been successfully used in feed mills, seeds cleaning plants, oilseed cleaning plants, cocoa bean and cocoa nibs grading systems in chocolate factories, as well as in the food processing and feed manufacturing industries. It is especially suitable for grain with many impurities.

1. The vibrating screen comes with simple design and low operational noise, and is easy to maintain.
2. We have expanded the coarse sieve of the high performance vibro separator to the bottom of the feeding box. Now the coarse sieve is nearly 300mm longer than that of similar products. Thus the sifting area of the coarse sieve is enhanced, and the fine mesh sieve has higher utilization rate.
3. The vibrating magnitude of the vibrating sieve is higher than many similar products. Accordingly, we have strengthened the separator's structure. The air recycling aspirator also has higher air flow volume than that of similar products.
4. The other features include high toughness, compact structure, flexible adjustment, dustproof property, stable operation, great cleaning performance, easy relocation, and so on.

Type              Sieve Size
Capacity for Wheat(t/h) Amplitude
Shape Size
Pre-Cleaning Cleaning
TQLZ40×80 40×80 3-4 2-3 4~5 2×0.12 190 1256×870×1070
TQLZ60×100 60×100 10-12 3-4 5~5.5 2×0.25 360 1640×1210×1322
TQLZ100×100 100×100 16-20 5-7 5~5.5 2×0.25 420 1640×1550×1382
TQLZ100×150 100×150 26-30 9-11 5~5.5 2×0.37 520 2170×1550×1530
TQLZ100×200 100×200 35-40 11-13 5~5.5 2×0.37 540 2640×1550×1557
TQLZ150×150 150×150 40-45 14-16 5~5.5 2×0.75 630 2170×2180×1600
TQLZ150×200 150×200 55-60 20-22 5~5.5 2×0.75 650 2660×2180×1636
TQLZ180×200 180×200 70-75 24-26 5~5.5 2×1.1 1000 2700×2480×1873


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