Product Description

Our TDXZ series vibro discharger is a newly developed material discharging machine. It can be widely used for material discharging in industries like flour, cement, medicine, and so on.

1. Our vibro discharger is quite reliable and stable. It can discharge various granular and powdery materials evenly, stably and accurately.
2. The working noise of this hopper discharge equipment is quite small, and the energy consumption is low. Its production capacity is adjustable.
3. The size of our vibrating bin discharger is quite small so that little space in needed for the installation.
4. The vibro discharger is available in several types which are suitable for bins in different diameters.
5. Stainless steel clamps are also provided.

Type Amplitude (mm) Power (kW) Weight (kg) Shape Size L×W×H (mm)




0.37 220 1480×1260×530
TDXZ130×30 0.37 300 1780×1560×640
TDXZ130×50 0.37 280 1780×1560×560
TDXZ160×50 0.55 550 2080×1860×704
TDXZ200×50 0.75×2 820 2480×2260×895


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