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As an important food processing equipment and fodder production equipment supplier, we can provide premium quality tubular magnetic separator for separating ferrous contents from granular and pulverulent materials.

Our tubular magnetic separator comes with a piece of powerful permanent magnet, which can remove metal impurities with a high efficiency. You can directly install it in the corresponding down spout.

In practice, this magnetic separating facility has been used in flour mill, fodder manufacturing factory, edible oil factory, and so on.



   1. The spout magnet cylindrical casting of the tubular magnetic separator is made of stainless carbon steel with counter flanges.
   2. A magnet core is fastened onto the hinged door for easy cleaning purposes.
   The magnet core is made of permanent magnetic rings.
   3. The spout magnet is dustproof and waterproof, so it can work on normal climatic and environmental conditions.
   4. The iron separation efficiency of the tubular magnetic separator is greater than 99%



TAG:  magnetic separator separator
Type Capacity(t/h) Diameter
Magnetic Field Intensity
Flour (R=0.5) Wheat(R=0.75)
TCXT15 6-8 10-15 ø150 55 ≥ 3000 600
TCXT20 12-15 25-30 ø200 80 600
TCXT25 20-25 35-40 ø250 120 600
TCXT30 25-30 50-60 ø300 170 720
TCXT40 30-35 70-80 ø400 225 720

TAG:  magnetic separator separator
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