Product Description

Our high quality slide gate is available in pneumatic-driven type and motor-driven type. The gate board is supported by carrier rollers. The material inlet is in tapered shape. Thus the board won't be blocked by the material, and the material won't get leaked. When the gate is opening, no material will be taken out. In the whole working process, the board can move frequently with low resistance.

1. The slide gate is driven straightly by a gear motor or pneumatic cylinder to achieve the gate's open-up or shut-off.
2. High quality gear motor and AIRTAC solenoid switch pneumatic cylinder are applied, leading to quick actions, stable working, and easy operation.
3. Sew Eurodrive gear motor and China gear motor are optional according to customer's requirements.
4. The cylinder and solenoid valve of the slide gate could be from Japanese SMC or German Festo according to your choice.
5. The structure is simple and the size is quite small. The installation is flexible, while the hermetic closure structure is reliable.
6. The advanced fabricating makes the equipment look beautiful and cost-effective.
7. A manual slide gate can also be adopted to control the material flow capacity.

1. This component is widely applied to the flour mill, feed mill, oil mill, cement factory, silo system and other factory to control the stream of the free-flowing material.
2. The slide gate can be used as a screw conveyor accessory or chain conveyor accessory to distribute the material being conveyed, or installed under the grain bin or silo to control the discharge of the grain.

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