Product Description

- The grain is fed tangentially into the horizontal special-designed rotor. Intensive scouring of the grain is achieved through the interaction between the 
A, grain and products 
B, grain and rotor blades 
C, grain and sieve 
- The grain is conveyed to the outlet by the rotary blades while the grain surface is scoured and the attached impurities scraped from the grain pass through the sieve and then be collected.

- The horizontal scourer is generally working together with an aspiration channel or a recycling aspiration channel at its outlet. They can efficiently get rid of detached shell particles or surface dirt from the grain. 
- Successful used in the cleaning section for the surface cleaning of wheat, durum and rye 
- With the suitable rotor and sieve jacket designs, the scourer can also be applied for intensive processing and scouring for oats and durum.

TAG:  Scourer Horizontal Scourer
Type Capacity
Sieve Tube 
Sieve Tube 
Shape Size
light heavy
FDMW30×60  2-4 ø300 600 4 5.5 450 1270×400×1210
FDMW40×100 4-7 ø400 1000 5.5 7.5 710 2130×920×1700
FDMW40×150 7-10 ø400 1500 7.5 11 750 2630×920×1700
FDMW2×40×100 8-14 ø400 1000 2×5.5 2×7.5 1200 2130×1490×1700
FDMW2×40×150 14-20 ø400 1500 2×7.5 2×11 1500 2630×1490×1700


TAG:  Scourer Horizontal Scourer
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