Product Description

The roller mill is an ideal grain milling machine for processing corn, wheat, durum wheat, rye, barley, buckwheat, sorghum and malt. The length of the milling roller is available in 500mm, 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm and 1250 mm.

It can be installed on the second floor for convenient operation or on the first floor to save space. Different surface parameters correspond to different grinding passage, and different intermediate materials.

1. As a flour mill, the MMQ/MME type grain roller mill is perfectly designed for flour milling industry. 
2. The milling rolls are running on self-aligning SKF (Sweden) roller bearings housed on a carbon steel beam and located on shock absorbers. Thus the machine vibration can be greatly reduced and the machine operation could become very quiet.
3. The structure of the main base of the roller mill is made of cast iron which is designed for heavy loading capacity. Other frames are welded and appropriately processed by high quality steel plates for eliminating mechanical stress. This special design can further guarantee the limited milling vibrations and noise free operation.
4. The main drive mechanism between motor and fast roller is the 5V high tension belt, while the transmission part between milling rolls is sprocket belt which could absorb the vibration and noise to a great degree.
5. The milling rolls of the roller mill are engaged by pneumatic SMC (Japan) air cylinder units installed on both sides of the machine.
6. The milling roller is horizontally installed. The roller set bears all the operational pressure.
7. The advanced scraping blade cleaning technique can ensure the rollers' desirable milling performance.
8. A built-in aspiration channel is available in the roller mill.
9. The feeding system of this wheat grinding machine is available in two types:
(1) Pneumatic servo feeding system
It can automatically adjust the opening degree of the door of the feeding mechanism. First class pneumatic components are used to achieve reliable movement.
(2) Automatic Siemens (Germany) feeding roll system with micro PLC
This system adopts the frequency conversion technique to adjust the feeding roller's speed automatically according to the material quantity, ensuring that the materials can be fed into the rolls evenly and continually. High quality speed reducing motor and frequency converter have been adopted for ensuring the accurate movements. The micro PLC control box is located in main MCC cabinet room of the roller mill.

Roller Mill- Pneumatic Control

Type Length (mm) Diameter (mm) Weight (Kg) Shape Size L×W×H (mm)
MMQ50×25×2 500 250 1652 1360×1560×1822
MMQ60×25×2 600 250 1980 1460×1560×1822
MMQ80×25×2 800 250 2850 1610×1526×1955
MMQ100×25×2 1000 250 3250 1810×1526×1955
MMQ100×30×2 1000 300 3950 1810×1676×2005
MMQ125×30×2 1250 300 4650 2060×1676×2005

Roller Mill- Electrical Control

Type Length (mm) Diameter (mm) Feeding Motor (kW) Weight (kg) Shape Size L×W×H (mm)
MME80×25×2 800 250 0.37 2850 1610×1526×1955
MME100×25×2 1000 250 3250 1810×1526×1955
MME100×30×2 1000 300 3950 1810×1676×2005
MME125×30×2 1250 300 4650 2060×1676×2005


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