Product Description

Our FQFD series purifier features with high capacity, high economical efficiency, high reliability and perfect design. It is suitable for purifying and classifying the grinded grain in modern flour mills for flour of soft wheat, durum wheat, and corn. In addition, it has also been successfully used for semolina flour in durum flour mills.

1. This flour mill purifier comes with advanced design and excellent fabricating.
2. The sieve size could be 380mmx380mm, 490mmx490mm, or 600mmx600mm.
3. The inlets and conveying and collecting troughs are made of aluminum alloy to get more desirable durability. 
4. The imported rubber spring bushes are reliable.
5. The SEFAR cloth is also imported for the equipment.
6. High quality vibration motor is adopted for the purifier.
7. The sifting area is quite large, leading to 20% higher production capacity, while the minimum installation area is required. 
8. To get excellent sanitary performance during the production, we adopted high quality anticorrosive materials to avoid the product from being contaminated. Besides, the enclosed type purifier can totally meet the international sanitary standards.
9. The low maintenance vibration components and zero maintenance transmission mechanism can reduce the downtime to a very low level.
10. The air flow control is easy and accurate, ensuring the air flow is distributed in an efficient way and the energy waste is largely reduced.

Type Capacity(kg/h) Power
Throwing angle Aspiration Volume 
(m /min)
Shape Size 
Coarse Fine Front Back
FQFD38×2×3 800~1200 600~1000













35~65 800 2190×1085×1510
FQFD49×2×3 1200~2600 800~1600 40~70 970 2700×1300×1700
FQFD60×2×3 1800~3500 1200~2000 2×0.25 55~90 1100 2700×1500×1700


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