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Our cost effective intensive dampener is a machine for controlling wheat moisture content during the wheat processing. After damping, the wheat could get even moisture distribution, improving the milling property and bran tenacity. Besides, the endosperm intensity and the cohesion between bran and endosperm will be reduced, and the milling efficiency will be enhanced, which is good for obtaining higher flour yield and better color. In addition, the dampening process has also cleaned the wheat.

As a piece of wheat intensive dampening equipment, our intensive dampener has a wide processing capacity range, from 8t/h to 25t/h, and the water addition ratio could reach 4%. The water dampening performance is even and stable, and the wheat breakage rate is quite low.

The operation, repairing and maintenance are quite convenient. So it is an excellent intensive dampening machine for the flour mill.


1. The acclivitous transferring design of the intensive dampener ensures the water's thoroughly blending with the grain, in favor of further dampening in the grain bins.
2. A water supply control valve is available on the inlet, ensuring the water to be shut off when there is no grain flow.
3. Low power supply is required.
4. Excellent sanitary processing can be guaranteed.
5. The top cover can be removed easily for the maintenance of intensive dampener.
6. All parts in contact with the product being processed are of stainless steel, ensuring the sanitation of the material.

TAG:  Pressured Dampener
Type Main Shaft Speed (r/min) Capacity (t/h) Power (kW) Weight (kg) Shape Size L×W×H (mm)
TSYZ-11 500-800 3-10 11 550 2289×660×1360
TSYZ-15 500-800 5-18 15 680 2289×660×1360
TSYZ-22 500-800 8-25 22 760 2289×660×1360


TAG:  Pressured Dampener
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