Product Description

Our pre-cleaning separator has been widely used in flour mill, rice mill, fodder processing factory and edible oil processing plant, grain warehouse and so on, for removing coarse impurities in the grain. A tapered drum sieve is running round and round in the machine, the stream of material flows into the separator and goes through the sieve, then the impurities such as straw pieces, bag tapes, paper, wood, will be removed.

1. As a great grain screening machine, the machine's grain processing capacity could reach up to 250 t/h.
2. The structure of the pre-cleaning separator is quite sturdy.
3. The self-cleaning performance is quite excellent.
4. Reliable separation performance of coarse impurities can be achieved.
5. The screening drum can be changed quickly and easily.
6. Low installation space and power consumption are required for the pre-cleaning separator.
7. The machine is available in fixed type and moveable type.
8. The single screening and double screening (for smaller impurities) designs are both available.
9. Single tube and double tubes structures are optional.

1. Our pre-cleaning separator has been successfully used for the reception of granular and floury bulk materials in grain milling plants, bulk storage systems, and other plants in the food processing and feed manufacturing industries.
2. The drum sieve separates coarse impurities such as straw pieces, bag tapes, paper, wood, corn (maize) leaves and cobs, and so on, protecting following processing machines and conveying equipment from being damaged.

Parameter/Type Capacity (t/h) Power Shape Size
Wheat Corn Soybean Rice KW L×W×H(mm)
TSCY85/100 20-90 20-100 20-120 10-40 1.5 1920×1050×1980
TSCY100/125 40-130 50-150 60-200 30-90 2.2 2110×1200×2160
TSCY125/150 50-190 60-200 70-220 40-140 2.2 2450×1450×2440
TSCY125/250 80-220 100-240 120-260 60-160 2.2 3660×1450×2670
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