Product Description

As a China flour sifter supplier, we have specially designed our mono-section plansifter. It has compact structure, light weight, and easy installation and test running procedure. It can be widely introduced in modern flour mills for wheat, corn, food, and even chemicals. Besides, it can also used for sifting flour, grinded wheat and intermediate material in small mill. Different sieving designs are available for different sifting performance and different intermediate materials. The excellent performance of our mono-section plansifter has proved its great flexibility, reliability, and user-friendliness.

1. Sieve frame size is available in 630×630mm, 700mm×700mm, 830×830mm, 100mm×100mm and 1200mm×1200mm.
2. The adjustable counterweight is mounted with SKF (Sweden) bearings on this sifting machine. 
3. The sieve frames are made from imported wooden whose inside and outside are both coated with plastic melamine lamination. They are demountable and interchangeable. The sieve frames are equipped with stainless steel trays. Each whole section of the mono-section plansifter is fixed by a metal frame and pressure micrometric screws from the top. The changing of sifting scheme is quite user-friendly and quick. 
4. The sieves pack is suspended by its own frame and the frame is installed on the floor or suspended by a separated frame which is fixed on the ceiling. 
5. The SEFAR sieves are optional.

Type Sifting Area (m2) Capacity (for flour) (t/h) Diameter (mm) Rotary Speed (r/min) Power (kW) Weight
Shape Size L×W×H (mm)
FSFJ1×10×63 2.5 1~1.5 45





0.75 320 1130×1030×1650
FSFJ1×10×70 2.8 1.5~2 45 0.75 400 1200×1140×1650
FSFJ1×10×83 4.5 2~3 50 0.75 470 1380×1280×1860
FSFJ1×10×100 6.4 3~4 50 1.1 570 1580×1480×1950
FSFJ1×10×120 10.5 6~8 50 1.5 800 1960×1890×2500


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