Product Description

To make the addition of some micro ingredients like starch and gluten more precise, we successfully developed the micro feeder. As a micro dosing machine, it can be used for the production of vitamin combination, additives, pre-mixing material, mixed feed, and so on. Besides, it is also suitable for industries like chemical engineering, medicine production, mining, etc..

1. As an automatic dosing system, our micro feeder is flexible enough to handle various kinds of materials, as well as mix powder or coarse granular materials.
2. The machine structure is scientifically designed and excellently fabricated.
3. The level detector on the storing bin can control the material status by the centre control cabinet, and you can inspect the material status through the inspection window.
4. A digital display meter is mounted on the micro feeder for speed monitoring.
5. This precise feeding machine is made of stainless steel which is highly sanitary.

Parameter Type Screw Blade Diameter Adjusting
Capacity Conveyor Tube Length Feeding
Block Breaking
Weight L×W×H
mm Hz kg/min mm KW KW kg mm
TWJ-30 30 5-50 0-0.16 400 0.75 0.55 50 1200×300 ×600
TWJ-50 50 5-50 0.36-3.25 400 0.75 0.55 60 1200×300 ×600
TWJ-80 80 10-50 2.5-12.5 400 1.1 0.55 75 1250×350 ×650


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