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This stone separator has great separating performance. It can remove the light stones in grain's size from the grain flow, making great contribution to getting perfect products up to related food sanitary standards.

- The sieve box that is usually loaded with two-layer sieves is supported by hollow rubber springs and is caused to vibrate by one or two vibrators based on machine execution. 
- The grain is spread by using a feeder across the entire width of that machine, and after that the grain stream is classified on the pre-separation sieve based on the specific gravity through the vibrating motion of the sieve and due to the air flowing passing through the grain from the bottom to top, the light particles are collected at the top, and the heavy ones including the stones at the bottom. 
- The lower layer with the heavy particles streams upwards and is fed on to the final separating area of the bottom de-stoning sieve. Final separation of the stones out of the grain is completed by the countercurrent of air. 
- The stone-free grain streams upon the two sieves floating on air cushions, moving slowly and gradually towards the grain outlet, and then is discharged via the squashed rubber valves. 
- In order to achieve the optimum degree of separating and classifying, the inclination of the sieves, the air volume as well as last separation can be adjusted accordingly.

- The destoning machine is ideal for removing stones from the continuous grain stream 
- On the base of differences in specific gravity, removal of high-density impurities such as stones, clays and metal pieces and glass is achieved. 
- As one of the most popular grain cleaning machines, it is widely utilized in raw material cleaning section in flour mills, rice mills, feed mills and seeds processing plant.

TAG:  Gravity Destoner
Type Sieve Width
Air Pressure
Shape Size
TQSF43 43 1-1.5 <980 3000 4-5 5-9 2x0.25 215 1270x700x1600
TQSF50 50 2-4 <980 4000 4-5 5-9 2x0.25 230 1420x780x1800
TQSF60 60 3-5 <980 4500 4-5 5-9 2x0.25 280 1450x876x1800
TQSF80 80 5-7 <980 6000 4-5 5-9 2x0.25 340 1450x1046x1800
TQSF100 100 7-9 <980 8000 4-5 5-9 2x0.25 400 1500x1246x1900
TQSF125 125 9-11 <980 10200 4-5 5-9 2x0.25 500 1470x1496x1920
TQSF150 150 11-14 <980 12000 4-5 5-9 2x0.25 600 1220x1746x1920
TQSF175 175 14-18 <980 15000 4-5 5-9 2x0.25 750 1220x1990x1920
TQSF200 200 16-20 <980 17000 4-5 5-9 2x0.25 1000 1220x2292x1920
TQSF250 250 20-22 <980 20400 4-5 5-9 2x0.25 1050 1220x2835x1920


TAG:  Gravity Destoner
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