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The magnet of our trusted drawer magnet is made of high performance rare earth permanent magnetic materials. So this equipment is a great iron removing machine for industries like food, medicine, electronics, ceramic, chemical, and so on.



   1. The shell of the drawer magnet is welded with high quality stainless steel.
   2. The order of magnet is very reasonable, ensuring that the magnetic field intensity around the surface of magnetic iron is uniform.
   3. This magnetic separation equipment is equipped with magnetic bar whose magnetic field intensity is equal or greater than 6000 gauss
   4. The iron removing efficiency is higher than 99%.
   5. The drawer structure of the drawer magnet is well designed, making it super easy to clean up the metal on its surface.



TAG:  Drawer Magnet Magnet Separator
Type Capacity
Flour Wheat
TCXC20 5-8 8-15 200
TCXC25 8-12 12-20 250
TCXC30 10-16 20-30 300
TCXC35 15-20 35-45 350
TCXC40 25-30 50-60 400
TCXC50 30-40 70-80 500


TAG:  Drawer Magnet Magnet Separator
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